A message from the President


  As the company manager I always think of what is its goal. The simplest answer would be that it is to make profit. But I can argue. I believe that goal is something different and profit is only a means to achieve it.   Speaking about the aim of the company’s activity it is necessary to realize what is work, why do people work and what is the result ofit. If You only work to earn Your living then if You have enough money to enjoy life You won’t work at all and will devote the time to hobbies. But hobby can bring self-satisfaction unlike work. Playing tennis for instance You will find support with your family only if You win and get money prizes, otherwise it won’t be vital for them. In our everyday life we prefer interlocutors whom we can find common language with and partners we can overwin.   Not with the work. Successful job makes profit not only to the company and its staff. Progress positively reflects shareholders, suppliers, clients as well as everybody this or that way involved. So we can not just mention self-satisfaction in this case.   In the office You have to contact people with opposite views, find oneself under strange circumstances and can not afford to escape problems You fail to solve independently. But is it not challenging? Experience of the kind creates improvement and confidence. It provokes those who consider their work routine and monotonous to give it another thought. How to expedient the accomplishment of a task, to avoid delays, to display initiative and assist others.   Persistent concentration on overcoming problems, setting of new aims and tasks serve as the motive power for the development of a personality . Never stop at what has been achieved. Perfection is the most valuable reward for the work done. So the goal of the company is to give chance of improvement to those who are striving for it.