Wholesale division

The key activity of the division is import from Russia and distribution timber products in domestic market. Division members together with the factory staff contol the manufacturing process and do marketing activities. We have an expertise in supplying wide range of products. Our top priority is a quality. The division expands its activities from the traditional products (taruki and dobuchi) to the flooring and interior materials. We have two representative offices in Osaka for western and in Tohoku for northeast customers.


 「Lesresurs, LLC」(Irkutsk region, Novaya Igirma)

The first joint-venture in the history of Japanese-Russian relations was found in 1987 and since then has been growing successfully. At the moment the Russian company – Lesresurs, LLC. – is the leading company in Japanese timber market.

Our resident representative at production plant together with the staff develops new goods and does a marketing activities. We believe that Lesresurs, LLC. with the cooperation of our company will keep its key position in Japanese market.



「RUS FLOOR」(Irkutsk region, Bratsk)

RUS FLOOR is our trademark for flooring products from Russian pine and larch. These products are manufactured by our partners, e.g Exportles Ltd. (Irkutsk region, Bratsk) and others, under a strict quality management.

Please see  http://www.rusfloor.jp   for details.