Global Division and Timber Supermarket Division

Global Division

The division is responsible for creation of new transaction scheme, product development and business building.

1. Production of laminated boards made from Japanese cypress (hinoki), american fir (douglas fir) and Russian pine in China and subsequent delivery to Japan and other asian countries.
2. Import of american fir and development of sales network for precut factories.
3. Overseas trade of timber and board, including export of Japanese cypress and Cryptomeria for Asian market.

Being ready for non-typical solutions, the division is always looking for new opportunities to satisfy customer needs.



Timber Supermarket Division(Supermarket “Shin-nisseki”)

The division is responsible for distribution of building materials as timber and stone among house builders. Our own supermarkets are situated in Yoshii (Gunma), Komoro (Nagano), Nagano (Nagano) and Kofu (Yamanashi). Also there is an office for the general customers.

These supermarkets are not only selling goods, but also doing marketing research for the new goods and creating sales network on customer needs.