Company history

1965 Sep. Establishment of the company with capital of 10 million yen.
1974 Jun. Capital increased to 30 million yen.
Jul. Opening of Moscow office
1978 Jun. Capital increased to 60 million yen
1979 Jun. Establishment of Tairiku Travel Co., Ltd.
1980 Jun. Capital increased to 120 million yen.
1983 Jun. Capital increased to 150 million yen.
1985 Jun. Capital increased to 200 million yen.
1987 Jun. Capital increased to 300 million yen.
Jul. Establishment of the first Japan-Soviet joint venture “Igirma-Tairiku”
1989 May Establishment of Japan-Soviet joint venture “Sakhalin-Tairiku(Santa)”
1990 Sep. Opening of Khabarovsk office
1991 Dec. Establishment of Japan-Soviet joint venture “Vanino-Tairiku Ltd.”
1992 Jun. Capital increased to 450 million yen.
1993 Apr. Opening of “Santa Resort Hotel”
1995 Sep. Establishment of “Tairiku Moscow Ltd.”
1996 Jan. Affiliation of Shin Nihon Stone Co., Ltd. with Tairiku Trading
1997 Nov. Establishment of Technosolution Co., Ltd.
1999 Mar. Demise of Iwata Jugo, the founder of the company
Apr. Appointment of Yoshitomi Masayuki as the president
2000 Jan. Affiliation of joint venture “Vanino-Tairiku Ltd.” with Tairiku Trading
2002 Jan. Sold shares of japanese participants in “JV Santa”
2003 Jul. Establishment of Japan-Russia joint venture “Sibexportles-Tairiku Ltd.”
2007 Jul. Opening of Kobe office (2010 Jul. Relocated to Osaka Nanko. Renamed to Osaka office.)
2008 Feb. Sold shares of japanese participant in “Igirma-Tairiku”, “Sibexportles-Tairiku Ltd.”
May Opening of Koriyama office (2012 Aug. Renamed to Tohoku office.)
2011 Sep. Voluntary liquidation of “Vanino-Tairiku”
2014 Apr. Opening of Okayama office